A big Thumbs up to Hosting Raja

I have been a Hosting Raja customer for almost a year now. I, being a tech guy, am always worried about any and every IT service I avail. Hosting Raja is by far and for sure, the best I have come across so far, after previously having some poor experiences from some other Web hosting companies.

Here are the highlights that I got from, using Hosting Raja :

  • Best and clear pricing
  • Panel-powered features
  • Built-in anti-DDoS
  • Provision of free SSD
  • All kind of hosting services at one place
  • JS/CSS compression

I personally had an amazing experience with their support team. Their support team is really friendly and helpful, have been able to solve all my issues that I have come across.

I really love their Servers secured with 6-phase security where i am happy that all my data are secured, which they provide free of cost. Each and everything about their service and support is smooth as can be which as a website owner, I really appreciate that.
When it comes to uptime, they provide fantastic as it may sound, I have never faced any downtime till now. I believe there isn’t much left to ask for. A big Thumbs up to Hosting Raja from me.

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