Their customer support team is wonderful and also very helpful

I am very happy that I have chosen the right and best hosting provider for my website. Because previously i had very bad experience with one of the worst hosting providers where i have faced a lot of issues. So at that time one of my colleagues referred me to Hosting Raja. And then after i started using their hosting service. I have been using their hosting service for almost a year and so far so good. Currently, I’m using their dedicated hosting service for my website and it’s really been great. And even their customer support team is wonderful and also very helpful.

Till now i haven’t faced any serious issues on my website apart from some downtime. And whenever i face downtime issues I’ll just call HostingRaja customer support team and they will take care and they will resolve my issue. And what I liked the most about hosting raja is that they provide more and amazing offers and discounts when compared to my previous hosting provider. I am really happy that i have chosen the right hosting provider for my website. I will definitely recommend their hosting service to all!!!

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