Hosting raja is a good host for starting a website.

Hosting raja is a good host for starting a website. And if you want to have a website with traffic spikes then use Hosting raja cloud server. Because I have been using their web hosting service from past 5 years. And i have been using their service from day 1 that I have started using the website initially i was using their unlimited plan and from past 2 years im using their cloud server. According to me, they are the best in terms of support, service and hosting price. Because I made a small research on cheap hosting price provider and in that Hosting raja is on top for most of the plan hence i decided to stay with hosting raja.

And when it comes to support they have an amazing team, because till today there were no any serious issues related to my hosting. But when I had issues I used to call Hosting raja customer support team and they have resolved my issues very quickly I’m really happy to be a part of Hosting raja and thanks for your service.!!!

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