Their uptime and loading time is pretty good!

Im a blogger and also a vlogger and I have been using Hosting raja for over 3 years and I have to mention that they are the best in terms of hosting solution. Right now im using their VPS solution for my blogging website and it is really good and also smooth. One of the best part is that I good pretty good discount on that vps server! Even their uptime and loading time is pretty good because since im a blogger I need to see that my website loads fast so conducted a small test regarding their uptime and the result was positive with 99%.

I believe that out of all the hosting services that I’ve ever used, Hosting raja has to be the cheapest(effectively) considering the fact that they threw in a domain name as well as an SSL certificate along with my hosting plan. Even they have one of the best supporting staff because if there is any issues related to my hosting their support team has resolved it very quickly.

One of the best part, why I like to recommend Hosting raja, is that they always gave me a quick resolution for my issues with right solution. I also have recommended them through my blogging to my followers and even I got a positive response from them about Hosting raja’s service.

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