Ecommerce Hosting Plans From HostingRaja

HostingRaja offers Ecommerce hosting in addition to supplying ecommerce functionality, where they provide Web space to host your website, an email server or email support, technical support and other standard Web hosting features for your businesses.

HostingRaja also provides the best and an affordable Ecommerce Hosting Plans with the best features. Here is the Ecommerce Hosting Plan from HostingRaja based on different plans.

Ecommerce Hosting

Dedicated Servers-

Ecommerce Hosting servers

Below are the best in class features provided by HostingRaja:

  • Server Uptime
  • Data Backup
  • Bandwidth Utilization
  • Mirroring
  • Security, etc.

Here are the cPanel features of Hosting Raja.

  • CentOS with cPanel (includes patching)
  • CentOS without cPanel (semi-managed)
  • Fedora (semi-managed).

In terms of support and service Hosting Raja provides 99% uptime guarantee. Also provide 24/7 support via chat, email, and phone.

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