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HostingRaja was established in the year 2012 from then till now the company has come a long way and created a revolution in the industry. Hosting Raja focuses on advancing the latest technology day by day to provide quality service and support to customers. As shown by the name they provide the best hosting services because of a dedicated team of Engineers who can provide an uptime of 99.9%, which is extremely rare in this industry. Hosting raja is not only concerned with improving technologies also concerned about their support towards the customers. Also, the company promises 99.9% uptime which is very rare in this hosting industry.


Hosting Raja provides a wide variety of hosting and server plans to its customers in India at an affordable price. Whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a beginner, or a web developer, the company understands your needs. Their shared hosting pricing starts with a Silver plan at Rs.85/ month, Gold and Unlimited plan at Rs.161 & Rs.204 respectively. For more plan details visit ==> Hosting Raja


Hosting raja has been awarded has the best technical and live support. Hosting Raja has a dedicated team of Engineers who can provide an uptime of 99.9%, which is extremely rare in this hosting industry. Further, they provide 24/7 technical support managed by a qualified team of experts. 

Latest plans with Hosting raja:

Premium Hosting: 

People many a time try to save money and they end up upside down. Would you and search engines favor your website visitors to encounter a slow loading time? I will prefer non! This would create an impact on your website and visitors might walk away from your website. When you”re choosing a low-cost plan that offers limited bandwidth, disk space, you will end up in vain. Hosting Raja premium plans come with premium features providing you the added boost to your online presence.

Premium Hosting Features.

  • Premium SSD Unlimited 
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • FREE Domain
  • 4GB RAM
  • Weekly Malware & Virus Clean
  • 6 Websites
  • High Priority Support
  • Speed – 2.5 seconds guarantee
  • LightSpeed Cache
  • Speed Optimised Server
  • Malware removal & hack repair
  • 5 Copies of backups
  • High-Speed Network & Server

Some of the Recent Reviews from our valuable HostingRaja customers in Year -2023

Over the course of numerous years, spanning both Linux and Microsoft server hosting, I have entrusted HostingRaja with the responsibility of hosting my websites. Without hesitation, I can confidently state that there is no other hosting provider that surpasses the quality and reliability offered by HostingRaja. Their unparalleled service has consistently exceeded my expectations, even during the busiest holiday periods when prompt responses to support tickets were received, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

During my recent interaction with HostingRaja, I had the pleasure of working with Venkat, who displayed exceptional expertise and assistance in guiding me through the setup process of SPF and DKIM settings. The promptness and competence exhibited by Venkat truly exemplified the level of professionalism and knowledge possessed by the HostingRaja support team.

Additionally, as email functionality was being addressed, I took the opportunity to inquire about the feasibility of sending a substantial volume of emails, approximately 3000, to our valued customers. Given the exorbitant costs charged by standalone mail servers, I was pleasantly surprised by the response I received from HostingRaja:

“Your cPanel account is configured to send up to 25 emails per hour, representing the maximum limit for outbound email transmissions on a per-domain basis.”

While some may perceive this limit as restrictive, it is crucial to recognize the underlying technical considerations associated with email transmission to ensure deliverability and to uphold industry best practices. Moreover, HostingRaja’s commitment to maintaining the reputation and reliability of their mail servers is commendable.

In conclusion, I am profoundly satisfied with the services offered by HostingRaja, and their ongoing commitment to providing exceptional hosting solutions and unwavering customer support. The knowledgeable and responsive team, exemplified by Venkat, has consistently addressed my concerns and exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend HostingRaja to individuals and businesses seeking a hosting provider that prioritizes reliability, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. — Nagaraj, Tamil Nadu

Subject: Appreciation for Exceptional Support and Swift Response

Dear HostingRaja Customer Support Team,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding assistance I received from your technical staff during a recent incident. The prompt and efficient resolution of an unexpected HTTP ERROR 500 that affected my website’s accessibility truly exceeded my expectations.

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Rahul, one of your esteemed technical team members, for his exceptional support and expertise. When I discovered the HTTP ERROR 500, which left my website inaccessible and caused significant concern, I immediately reached out to your customer support team. To my immense relief, Mr. Rahul promptly responded and addressed the issue with remarkable speed and efficiency.

Within mere minutes of my initial notification, Mr. Rahul skillfully diagnosed the problem and swiftly resolved it. This level of technical prowess and commitment to providing seamless solutions reflects the caliber of professionalism and dedication that is evident in every interaction I have had with HostingRaja’s support team.

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with the expeditious response and expertise demonstrated by Mr. Rahul. His swift actions not only restored the accessibility of my website but also minimized any potential disruptions to its operations. The efficiency and competence displayed by Mr. Rahul are a testament to the exceptional standards upheld by HostingRaja in delivering top-notch customer support.

I firmly believe that recognition is due where exceptional service is rendered, and I am sincerely grateful to Mr. Rahul and the entire HostingRaja technical support team for their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their dedication to promptly resolving critical issues, such as the HTTP ERROR 500, showcases their profound understanding of the importance of seamless website accessibility for customers like me.

It is without any hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend HostingRaja as a hosting provider that not only boasts exceptional technical expertise but also places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. The exemplary support provided by Mr. Rahul and his colleagues sets a benchmark of excellence in the industry.

Once again, please accept my deepest appreciation for your outstanding service. I am truly grateful for the exceptional support I received, and I look forward to continuing our partnership for all my future hosting needs.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.

Exceptional Hosting Services and Outstanding Customer Support

I have been using HostingRaja for my website hosting needs for over a year now, and I am extremely satisfied with their services. HostingRaja has consistently exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable hosting.

From the moment I signed up, the onboarding process was seamless. Their website is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and manage my hosting account. The performance of my website has been exceptional, with minimal downtime and fast loading times.

What truly sets HostingRaja apart is their exceptional customer support. Whenever I encountered any technical issues or had questions, their support team was readily available and provided prompt and knowledgeable assistance. They went above and beyond to ensure that my issues were resolved quickly and efficiently.

Another aspect I appreciate about HostingRaja is their extensive range of features. They offer a variety of hosting plans tailored to different needs, ensuring scalability and flexibility for my growing business. Additionally, their integration with popular CMS platforms like WordPress has made it effortless for me to manage and update my website.

Lastly, HostingRaja’s pricing is highly competitive, providing excellent value for the features and level of service they offer. I appreciate the transparency in their pricing structure without any hidden fees or surprises.
— Nikhil S.

Amazing Great Service with Great tech Support

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the amazing hosting service provided by HostingRaja, and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. Here are 10 reasons why I highly recommend HostingRaja based on my exceptional experience:

Best Dedicated Server: HostingRaja offers the best dedicated server solutions, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for my website.
Good Domain Name: I was able to secure a good domain name easily, adding a professional touch to my online presence.
Unlimited Storage Space: With unlimited storage space, I had more than enough room to store all my website files and data without any restrictions.

Site Optimization: HostingRaja’s expert optimization techniques ensured that my site performed exceptionally well, resulting in fast loading times and a user-friendly experience.

Seamless Functionality: Thanks to their comprehensive support for multiple PHP versions, my website was able to run smoothly and efficiently.

Free SSL & Site Migration: HostingRaja provided a free SSL certificate, boosting the security of my website. They also handled the site migration process seamlessly, saving me time and effort.

Regular Site Backup: I appreciated the daily and monthly site backups provided by HostingRaja, giving me peace of mind knowing that my data was always safe and secure.

24/7 Tech Support: HostingRaja’s round-the-clock tech support was outstanding. They were always available to promptly address any issues or concerns, ensuring uninterrupted website performance.

Excellent Uptime: I experienced exceptional uptime with HostingRaja, ensuring that my website remained accessible to visitors at all times.

Overall Satisfaction: My overall experience with HostingRaja was nothing short of exceptional. Their top-notch services, coupled with their commitment to customer satisfaction, made them the ideal hosting partner for my business.

HostingRaja offers an incredible hosting service with a range of impressive features. From their dedicated servers and unlimited storage space to site optimization and free SSL, they provide everything needed for a successful online presence. With their reliable tech support and commitment to customer satisfaction, HostingRaja has earned my highest recommendation. — UPSIDA Head Office.

That was some excellent service provided by HostingRaja

I had the pleasure of experiencing excellent service from HostingRaja, and I must say, their support and technical team truly impressed me. Here’s why I highly recommend their services based on my recent encounter:

Prompt Response: I complained about an issue with my mail account at 9:30 am on Monday. To my surprise, within minutes, I received a call from Mr. Santosh from the Support team.

Swift Resolution: The Hosting Raja team wasted no time in addressing my concern. Within a few minutes of speaking with Mr. Santosh, they successfully resolved the issue I was facing. Effective

Communication: After resolving the problem, Mr. Santosh promptly contacted me to confirm that the issue was resolved to my satisfaction. This level of communication and follow-up was highly appreciated.

Exceptional Support Team: The Hosting Raja Support team showcased remarkable professionalism and eagerness to understand and resolve the problem swiftly. Their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident throughout the entire process.

Knowledgeable Technical Team: The technical expertise of the Hosting Raja team was evident in how quickly they identified and resolved the issue. Their competence and proficiency were truly impressive.

Timely Closure: After confirming that the problem was resolved, I closed the complaint with complete confidence in the resolution provided by Hosting Raja.

Overall Satisfaction: The level of service and support received from Hosting Raja left a lasting impression. The team’s swift response, effective communication, and prompt resolution left me highly satisfied with their services.

I want to express my gratitude to the Hosting Raja Support and Technical team, particularly Mr. Santosh, for their exceptional service. Their dedication

Excellent Supporting tech & sales team

I am extremely satisfied with the excellent support provided by HostingRaja’s tech and sales team. Throughout my experience, the sales team has been exceptional, offering me well-tailored hosting plans that perfectly suit my website’s needs. They took the time to understand my requirements and provided valuable insights to ensure I made the right choices.

What truly impressed me was the prompt response and technical expertise of HostingRaja’s tech team. When I needed assistance with setting up my previous website and domain, George and Chethan Kumar went above and beyond to help me. They swiftly handled the setup process, ensuring everything was up and running smoothly in no time. Their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction were evident throughout the entire process.

The level of support I received from HostingRaja’s tech and sales team exceeded my expectations. They have proven to be knowledgeable, reliable, and always ready to assist. Their expertise and guidance have been instrumental in optimizing my web site’s performance and ensuring a seamless online experience for my visitors.

I highly recommend HostingRaja to anyone seeking exceptional technical support and sales assistance for their hosting needs. With their team by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in capable hands. Thank you, HostingRaja, for the outstanding service and the amazing work done by George and Chethan Kumar. You have gained a loyal customer in me.
—Tanuj chauhan.

Excellent supporting team and hosting service.

Are you tired of slow-loading websites that frustrate your visitors and hinder your online success? Look no further! Hosting Raja is here to supercharge your website with its unlimited hosting services. With lightning-fast loading times, cache optimization, and JS/CSS compression, HostingRaja ensures optimal performance for your website.
One of the key features that set HostingRaja apart is its high-speed infrastructure. Say goodbye to sluggish loading times as their advanced technology guarantees lightning-fast delivery of your website’s content. Whether you have a small blog or a large e-commerce platform, HostingRaja infrastructure can handle it all with ease.

Security is another top priority at HostingRaja. Their built-in anti-DDoS protection keeps your website safe from malicious attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service for your visitors. You can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable data and customer information are safeguarded.

When it comes to technical support, HostingRaja excels. Their dedicated team of experts is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues or troubles you may have. From setting up your website to troubleshooting, Hosting Raja’s managed support ensures that you’re never alone in managing your online presence.

Managing your website is made easy with HostingRaja user-friendly C-Panel. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly control every aspect of your hosting account, from managing domains to installing applications. No technical expertise is required to make the most out of HostingRaja powerful hosting platform.

HostingRaja goes the extra mile to optimize your website’s performance. With their GZIP compression, static content loads up to 5 times faster, providing an instant and seamless experience for your visitors. Even dynamic files are optimized and load up to 10 times faster than Apache, ensuring an efficient browsing experience.

Affordability is another advantage of HostingRaja services. They offer competitive prices for their unlimited hosting packages, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes. With Hosting Raja, you get exceptional value for your money without compromising on quality or performance.

In decision, if you’re looking to boost your website’s speed and reliability, HostingRaja is the perfect choice. With their unlimited hosting services, high-speed infrastructure, built-in security measures, and exceptional tech support, you can take your website to new heights. Experience the difference today and unlock the full potential of your online presence with HostingRaja.

Get started now and supercharge your website with HostingRaja unlimited hosting! — Satish A.

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Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023
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 441 reviews
by Amit on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

Several months ago, I was searching for hosting services for my website. During my search, I stumbled upon this website, and I must confess, it's truly remarkable. The website offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for searching for domains and hosting options. What's particularly impressive is its ability to efficiently compare the numerous hosting providers available in the market. If you're looking to make an informed and improved decision, I highly recommend giving this platform a shot. In my opinion, it's the ultimate tool to enhance your decision-making process and find the best-suited hosting solution for your needs.

Dear Client,

We sincerely appreciate your valuable feedback!
It's always fantastic to hear that our services have left a positive impression on you. If you have friends or colleagues who are also seeking top-notch hosting solutions and domain services, we would be delighted if you could refer them to us.

Thank you once again for choosing us as your best platform.

by Gulam rasul on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

I wholeheartedly recommend HostingRaja to website owners. The quick responses and efficient support through the HostingRaja ticket system and live chat are impressive. Thank you for the outstanding technical support!

Dear Client,

We sincerely appreciate your valuable feedback!
It's always fantastic to hear that our services have left a positive impression on you. If you have friends or colleagues who are also seeking top-notch hosting solutions and domain services, we would be delighted if you could refer them to us.

Thank you once again for choosing us as your best platform.

by Bhuvan KumarThakur on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

I made the smart decision to switch to Hosting Raja because of its incredible offering of multiple websites under one plan at an affordable price. What a relief it was to see how effortlessly I could transfer all my email accounts to Hosting Raja without losing a single email. Whenever I encounter any issue, their tech team is not only friendly but also quick in finding the perfect solution. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Hosting Raja to everyone!

Dear Client,

We sincerely appreciate your valuable feedback!
It's always fantastic to hear that our services have left a positive impression on you. If you have friends or colleagues who are also seeking top-notch hosting solutions and domain services, we would be delighted if you could refer them to us.

Thank you once again for choosing us as your best platform.

by keerthi on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

After thorough research and personal experience, I highly recommend Hostingraja Shared Hosting for its exceptional service and round-the-clock technical support. Their knowledgeable team promptly resolves any issues, ensuring uninterrupted website performance. With Hostingraja you can trust their reliable hosting infrastructure and 24/7 assistance to meet all your online needs.

Dear Client,

We sincerely appreciate your valuable feedback!
It's always fantastic to hear that our services have left a positive impression on you. If you have friends or colleagues who are also seeking top-notch hosting solutions and domain services, we would be delighted if you could refer them to us.

Thank you once again for choosing us as your best platform.

by Ankit kumar on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

I am extremely satisfied with the dedicated server I purchased from Hosting Raja. It has been functioning flawlessly since last December, providing excellent performance and reliability. The support team has been responsive and helpful whenever I needed assistance. Highly recommended!

Dear Client,

We sincerely appreciate your valuable feedback!
It's always fantastic to hear that our services have left a positive impression on you. If you have friends or colleagues who are also seeking top-notch hosting solutions and domain services, we would be delighted if you could refer them to us.

Thank you once again for choosing us as your best platform.

by Yalla on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

Hostingaraja provides affordable server with flexible configuration to meet various. They offer both Linux and windows based servers and have a reputation for reliable performance.

by Achuta on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

I've been using HostingRaga's service for one year, and the server is very good, working without error, any server issues, the technical team is ready. 

by Mukund on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

I've been using HostingRaja's VPS server for the past 2 years, and I'm impressed with their affordable prices and excellent plans. They offer free SSL and a domain, and the reviews and feedback are outstanding. Highly recommended!

by smartdesk on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

HostingRaja is known for its affordable and high-quality hosting services. With competitive prices and top-notch performance, they are an excellent choice for those seeking cost-effective hosting solutions. Their customer support is also 24/7.

by achuthainstitutions on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

We have been using Hosting Raja VPS servers for one year, and they give good support with good backups. My site works very well, never goes down, and our error. 

by Arun on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

VPS options of HostingRaja are recommended. I opted for a Premium VPS plan from HostingRaja. They have given me good options like dual core cpu, bandwidth, RAM etc. I am happy with their services up till now. I have even recommended my friends to choose the VPS hosting plans from HostingRaja.

Dear Client,

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Kindly refer your friends to us.

Thank you

by Jabaz on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

I have purchased there premium hosting plan for my Website, I was garunteed one thing from is they promised me speed. They got there promise.

by Raja ram on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

From last 3-4 years I'm in touch with hosting raja because of there excellence support. Recently we have faced some issue with our vps hosting some WordPress installation and ssl issue and some terminal issue as well, for the same we raised a ticket to tech team. Technical team connected me and rectify all of my issue and I'm very happy with it.
I will suggest all my friends, partners to hosting raja always...

Dear Client,

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Kindly refer your friends to us.

Thank you

by Manohar on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

They have provided me with the best-dedicated servers in India. Their prices are comparatively cheaper than their competitors. Their technical support is always ready to give me the best support whenever I require it. It's been 6 months with them and it has been a good experience.

Dear Client,

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Kindly refer your friends to us.

Thank you

by William on Hostingraja reviews by users and experts - June 2023

HostingRaja web hosting services have been great up till now. They have given me a service which offers great support and they have given good discounts on the VPS server package. They offer the most affordable plans of web hosting. I hope they provide the same type of service in future as well.

Dear Client,

Thank you for your valuable feedback, Kindly refer your friends to us.

Thank you

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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting can be defined as a service which is provided by the webhosting company which helps in making a website visible on the internet.

In simple terms it can be said that web hosting provides a physical location to the website the posts on the internet. Web hosting is a house to your information of the website which includes images, videos and other content with which your website is built.

Web hosting includes different web hosting packages which comprises shared hosting, reseller web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting service. These web hosting packages are created in such a way that they are given set parameters which includes some of the resources which includes the bandwidth, CPU memory, storage space.

A web hosting company helps in providing the customer with a 24*7 technical support . Web hosting companies like HostingRaja make sure that your website is running fine without any difficulties.

Just a beautifully designed website is not enough to get the website running however a customer needs to make sure to choose a good web hosting service which helps them to make sure that their website is up and running without any difficulty even if the website is facing a high traffic to their website.

Is HostingRaja an Indian company?

Yes, HostingRaja is a 100% Indian Company.

What is Hostingraja used for?

Hostingraja is a web hosting provider that provides services for hosting websites and blogs online and Hostingraja is used for buying domain names online. To have a website or blog you need two things, web hosting and a domain name for your website or blog to be live on the web.

Why is HostingRaja so cheap for web hosting?

People/companies choose the best hosts for their website. It is believed that some of the hosting providers charge more, Hostingraja knows People/companies can’t be offered much so they came up with low-cost plans for the people. Their most of the web hosting plans are affordable which helps the small business to build their website.

Is HostingRaja any good?

HostingRaja is a good web Hosting provider they provide different types of web hosting services which includes vps server, dedicated server, cloud server and domain as well. Their performance is good and offers tons of web storage. Also, they provide free SSL certificates, cPanel, domain for their hosts.

Is HostingRaja good for blogging?

HostingRaja is a choice for all WordPress developers, small businesses, freelancers, and beginners. It offers fast speeds and expert customer support. Nevertheless, HostingRaja’s performance is stable overall.

Is HostingRaja safe to Host my website?

HostingRaja provides HW and Software firewalls to protect your website.

Why choose HostingRaja WordPress?

You get FREE managed support, FREE 250+ themes, FREE setup, and installation of a WordPress website. 8 out of 10 web companies want to host their WordPress websites with HostingRaja, due to their security and malware-free features.

Is HostingRaja affordable for Small business?

HostingRaja understands that Small businesses need a low-cost plan, that’s why they have come up with an affordable hosting price for their customers. They are one of the best service providers in India.

What are the different types of Hosting services HostingRaja offers?

Some of the main Hosting Service HostingRaja offers are as follows:

Shared Hosting

Shared Web hosting is a web hosting service where many websites are made live on one web server connected to the Internet. This is generally the most cost-effective option for hosting, as the overall cost of server maintenance is spread over many customers. By adopting shared hosting, the website will share a physical server with one or different other websites. With shared hosting, a server will save different other data and would be accountable for serving up the information about them.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a kind of web hosting service that is particularly optimized to work with sites developed through WordPress. WordPress is possibly the most comfortable and also the most popular CMS in the market today which holds the unique style of powering more than 60 million websites across the world.

WordPress had a humble beginning in 2003 with a limited number of users, when it was launched however it gained popularity in few years. This makes it very easy for website masters to control and secure the website without having to allocate new resources to do the same.

VPS Hosting

A VPS server runs its copy of an operating system (OS), and customers may have the super user-level path to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. For many designs, they are functionally equal to a dedicated physical server, and being software-defined, can be much more easily created and configured. They are priced much lower than a comparable physical server. However, as they share the underlying physical hardware with other VPS, performance may be lower, depending on the workload of any other executing virtual machines.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server or managed hosting server is a type of Internet hosting in which the client hires an entire server not shared with anyone else. A dedicated server is more adaptable than shared hosting, as organizations will have full control over the servers, including choice of the operating system, hardware, etc.

Also, dedicated or managed server services to host are commonly referred to as complex managed hosting. Complex Managed Hosting applies to both physical dedicated servers, Hybrid servers, and virtual servers, with many companies choosing a hybrid (a combination of physical and virtual) hosting solution.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting gives applications and websites open using cloud resources. It is the process of outsourcing a business computing and storage resources to a service provider that offers its support services in a business model. Rather, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, assuring more excellent flexibility and scalability.

The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet. Large clouds, predominant today, often have functions distributed over various locations from central servers. If the connection to the user is relatively close, it may be designated an edge server.

Cloud hosting may be limited to a single organization (business clouds), or be available to multiple organizations (public cloud). Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve consistency and economies of scale.

There are many other services provided by HostingRaja which include G Suite, NodeJS Hosting, Java Hosting, Kubernetes Hosting, domain registration, etc. Working with a high-quality Web hosting provider such as HostingRaja can offer us solid security, and very speedy site performance. They are the only quality web hosting providers at an affordable price with the latest technology.

Is WordPress free for lifetime?

A WordPress website is free or can own any cost attached to it. Still the WordPress software itself referred to as is free and always will be. When you try to extend it to hosts you have to pay and to use it according to your website requirements.

Can I host my own website?

Yes, you can. When you choose a web hosting service where you will be provided with a software which will allow the Internet users to access the web files on their computer. Your Internet service provider supports you running websites on your home computer.

How much time can I expect for ticket response and resolution from HostingRaja?

HostingRaja usually respond to all the tickets within a period of 1 to 2 hour and most seemingly they resolve all your issues within 2 to 4 hours. So, the best practice is to wait for 4 hours for a complete acknowledgment.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

Always choose unique domain names but make sure your domain name is easy to remember as it is will help you to attract the customer. Your domain name should reflect your business & brand name. If a desired domain name close to your brand name is not available in .com or .in extension then you can go with another popular extension.

Which is the place to buy a domain name?

With HostingRaja, you can register domains as low as you can. You can Visit – check out the domain names you want and grab it. You can even get a free domain name with their website hosting plans.

How do I choose plans for my WordPress website?

Below are few points to remember while choosing hosting plan:

Listing down your hosting requirement
Are you capable of upgrading your hosting plan?
Ask about hosting updated?
Is the Hosting company providing programmed backups?
Can the company provide good speed and performance?
Ask about web hosting uptime
The adaptability of your web hosting
Engineer Friendly
Is the SSL Certificate given free?
What types of hosting plans are available online?