Tech Support Review of Hosting Raja And Their Customer’s Reviews

Hosting Raja is the most favorite choice for many customers over a long period of time because of their dedicated customer support. Hosting Raja offers dedicated 24/7 technical support via Live Chat, Email, Phone, Ticket System. Hosting Raja even offers support in regional languages for their customers.



HostingRaja has got the Helpful User Support Portal that is a huge knowledge base for customer support, in which listed detailed information regarding all their current Product and Service offerings and answers to possibly all your queries. By giving the detailed information it is a big time-saver for all HostingRaja customers where you no need to contact their support team for your issues. With their knowledge base HostingRaja is helping out its customers and have got most complete solutions for most of the problems. HostingRaja has also come up with well and easy manner support ticket system where every support request from the customers is assigned with a unique ticket number. By this ticket system, the support team can easily identify the issue of that customer. Even customers can also check the status of that particular ticket which they have submitted. HostingRaja support agents are very highly technical expertise and can handle any complex issue with ease. HostingRaja also provides 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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Hosting Raja has the reputation as well as the performance record to their customers from across various industries. Their 90-days money back offers and technically sound support team ensure their trustworthiness strongly.

In Hosting Raja they likewise offer escalation matrix if in case you are not able to get any genuine feedback from their tech representatives. Where you can straightforwardly send messages to their CRM group and furthermore reaches their administrative levels.

Hosting Raja has extremely helpful sales and support executives where you can portray them your whole issue, and they will offer you assistance for your concern. Hosting Raja also backed by a team of outstanding customer support team who have very high technical proficiency. You can share any technical issues with them and they would come back with accurate answers that are sure to satisfy your needs perfectly.

Check out Hosting Raja Customers reviews:

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Customers Feedback:

1. Deepak Singh

Using VPS Hosting  of Hosting Raja

I was referred to HostingRaja by one of my relatives as he was using their services from a long time and he told me that they are providing me a good hosting service. I am so glad that I trusted my friend and opted a VPS Hosting service for my website. It’s more than a year now, I have never faced any big issues with my account. It has been just once or twice that I have submitted a ticket and they have responded to me quickly with a resolution.


2. Customer review on HostingRaja services

Client Name: Hardik

Ticket id: 190358

Engineer Name: Ajit K

Feedback: Awesome and quick response again. Thanks for helping me out

Rate: Awesome

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