I really feel confident with the service they provide.

Great to use Hosting Raja’s web hosting service, and also very easy to reach, we have been using them for nearly 3 years. To be frank i was not into the website and I had no knowledge on website building when I started my website. But after I started using hosting raja’s web hosting service now I know how to handle my website and also to some changes on my website. Thanks for Hosting Raja for giving me a support and also helping me out to understand about web hosting. Never feel it is too difficult to manage.

Whenever I have any problem with my website I just call them or ill raise a ticket and Hosting raja’s support team has responded very quickly and also had resolved my issue. Because I never wanted my website to be down so that it will affect my business, and in this term Hosting Raja support team had helped me a lot and I can say that they have provided 90% server uptime.

I really feel confident with the service they provide. And without their help, my website would still be offline now. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hosting Raja’s web hosting services to lots of friends doing small Business or doing a personal website. Thanks, Hosting Raja!!

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