Everything in Hosting Raja is just so smooth.

For our company, we are using Hosting Raja web hosting service for more than 3 years and it really been wonderful. Initially, we where using VPS hosting service and now we have shifted to a dedicated server. What more we love about Hosting Raja as a company is that they have very cheap and affordable hosting price. Yes, we are running a small scale business and we know saving some small amount will make a big difference for our business. Moreover, their customer support team members are very talented and solve all the Hosting Raja compliant as soon as possible.

Everything in Hosting Raja is just so smooth. And recently there were some issues with our server related to Apache, and when our IT team contacted hosting raja customer support team they have explained us everything related to that issues and also resolved the issue very quickly. We as a company we are very happy to be a part of Hosting Raja, and we would definitely recommend their web hosting service to all people and business who are looking to host their website.

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