I would happily buy from Hosting raja again and again.

I have two Hosting accounts one is in a shared server and the other is in a dedicated server. Yes there are some times where I have faced some issues with my website which is hosted on shared server. But I would like to say that their product is still reliable.

I’ve probably used a dozen different hosts over the years to run about 100 sites and every host has their hiccups every now and then. The dedicated server account I have has been rock solid…no hiccups to date, and the speed has been outstanding. I have clients that are wanting to move to my DV server after I show them how much faster it runs compared to the cheap shared hosting they are used to.

What I mostly like about Hosting raja is their customer service. Because whenever I contact them for any issues related to my hosting they always stay online with me until my questions are resolved. I can’t say the same about any other host.

According to me they do everything they possibly can even relating to other services such as Azure or Microsoft. I would happily buy from Hosting raja again and again.

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