With Hosting Raja sales improved tremendously

I switched both of my corporate sites away from other services, to Hosting Raja 3 months ago.

The Good:
What I like more about being with Hosting Raja is that their support. Their support staff gives intelligent smart answers on any question you toss at them, regardless of the possibility that it is with an serve that they have no influence over like usage of Google applications or any other question. This what most hosting providers never do. Once there was a malware attack on my website where I faced immense while I was using my previous Hosting provider. And I paid a lot of money to remove the malware on my website. But here in Hosting Raja, their sales team has informed me about the malware will be provided with their hosting packages. One more thing what I like in Hosting Raja is that they do regular backups of the entire site automatically in case if there is a server crash and they even reminds you to back up your data when you make major changes in your website or install new plugins.

The Bad:
At first, they told me I would pay just INR 199/every month for the two sites. But that was a lie by the sales team. They did not inform me about the SSL certificate which I was looking forward at free of cost. Later when I contacted them again they informed me that I need to go with the high-end packages. Currently, I’m paying INR 799 per year for SSL certificate.

Hosting Raja has taken an immense amount of trouble out of my work and maintenance schedule and tremendously improved sales and performance. In the event that you maintain a business website based on WordPress and if you are not utilizing Hosting Raja, then you are truly missing up a major opportunity.

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